PSP Homebrew Projects

Project #1: Graphics, Textures, Text, and Controls All In 1

This is the first PSP homebrew project I have ever done. It was to allow me to learn the basics of how to use the SDK to handle basic functionality that are used to create games. This little project demonstrates how to set up some basic 3D geometry with textures, writing text to the screen and basic input to rotate the two 3d objects.

The directional pad controls the pyramid while the face buttons (cross, circle, triangle, square) control the cube. The following video will demonstrate what I have been talking about.

Project #2: 2D Sprite Animation

This was a test using the OSLib Sprite library to animate 2D sprites on the screen using PNG files that can not exceed 512x512. There is background music playing in the background to make it slightly interesting.

Title Splash Screen


When no buttons are pressed the character is in neutral position. Left and right move the character in the corresponding directions. Holding the Left Trigger while either left or right forces the run animation. Down applies the ducking animation. Finally Select switches the character and Start quits the program.

The video is running a little slow, on the PSP it runs much smoother

The sprites, background and music are not created by me. Those all belong
to the creators of Melty Blood, "Soft Circle French Bread" and "Type-Moon".

Project #3: Finite State Machine

This project is going to be developed into a small homebrew minigame on the PSP to learn about finite state machines to dictate which animations should be played based on what animations.

This early prototype plays similarly to NES classic Megaman games developed by Capcom. The player has the ability to move left and right, guide their jump around, shoot bullets and basic collision detection from the boss which will shoot out a Mettaur every time a bullet hits collides with him.

Here is a video of an early build of the engine with the basic functionality I stated earlier.


The sprites, background and music are not created by me. Those all belong
to the creators of Megaman (Capcom).

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