iPhone App: Visual Novel Engine

Winged Wishes is a iPhone Visual Novel being created by the company Satellite Stage. I am a voluntary programmer for the project. My main responsibility is to develop the engine the game will function on mobile Apple products. This also means I am dealing with all the debugging, memory issues and fixes to bugs and inconsistencies with the vision of the project.

The current prototype of the engine has basic functionality that a visual novel game needs. A visual novel is defined as an interactive fiction game that uses static images, other cues and decisions made by the player to dictate a story.

The engine currently supports 3 images layers, scrolling text dialog, sound effects, music and screen effects can be applied to any of the image layers. An XML file contain flags that dictate how each scene is displayed while an internal global flags stored in another file dictate which scenes should be accessed based on decisions picked from the player.

Editing the XML file that contains all the in-game dialog.

For example if one needs the background viewport to shake to simulate a crash effect; in the XML file you would need the following tag to create the effect "<screenMod> vshake</screenMod>". The program code will then take that code and apply the correct pre-created function.

In terms of memory conservation I created a system where instead of loading all of the games resources at one time into memory. I only allowed certain items to be initialized that are pretaining to the current "day". "Days" can be seen similar to chapters sometimes elements from the previous chapters are not needed.

The video below will demonstrate what I have been discussing above.

Quick demonstration of what the engine can do.

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